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CBP STRATEGIES LLC is a straight-shooting, forward-thinking strategic communications, marketing, public affairs, brand and business consultancy established by strategic communications and agency veteran Clinton Pope. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, its core interest is helping responsible, like-minded companies, organizations and individuals accomplish their goals through intelligent, cost-effective communications and marketing/business strategy.


CBP STRATEGIES provides you with an experienced and professional brand development and communications perspective. We will advise you on what you actually need as opposed to what other consultants or agencies may say you need. CBP will actively listen to your issues and goals, engage in discussion and apply critical thinking and intellectual integrity to yield the best possible and most cost-effective results. CBP's objective is simple: to help shepherd your organization through the mine-filled process of selecting the brand communications and business strategy that will serve you best—and possibly saving millions of dollars on expensive marketing and influence campaigns along the way.

“For tomorrow ​belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

   - African Proverb​​​​​​​​​​​

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